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As the NEW Labour Code comes into effect in 2020 with significant changes in provisions of labor laws, domestic and foreign enterprises need a professional consultant in the labor area.

With many years of experience in consulting with the fields of labor laws to domestic and foreign clients, CBI is always assessed by clients as a professional consultant in Vietnamese labor laws. We commit to providing practical and effective solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises in Vietnam for handling labor matters as well as human resource management.

Legal consulting services

  • Consulting, drafting, and submitting documents related to labor matters of an enterprise, including labor contracts, labor collective agreements, and internal labor rules;
  • Consulting conditions, orders, and procedures for establishing a Trade Union in an enterprise and activities of a Trade Union in the enterprise, as well as the relationship between the Trade Union and employers;
  • Consulting labor law related to regulations on salary, bonus, and insurance in enterprises and implementation of such regulations, and consulting the procedures on resolving severance allowance, and insurance for employees as terminating employment relationships;
  • Consulting the procedures for setting up salary scale and payroll for an enterprise, and the way and process of paying salary, bonus, and personal income tax for employees;
  • Consulting on maternity and labor insurance for female employees;
  • Consulting on working and rest hours, and matters related to health conditions, working conditions, and labor safety and hygiene;
  • Consulting on material liabilities; conditions and procedures to discipline employees, and assessing the legality of decisions on labor discipline;
  • Consulting on behalf of employees/employers to protect legal rights for employees/employers; and participating in procedure of resolving labor disputes relating to labor strikes, layoffs, and labor discipline;
  • Consulting on conditions and procedures of recruiting foreign employees, drafting and submitting application dossiers for Visa, Work Permits, and Temporary Resident Cards (TRC) of foreigners who work in Viet Nam; and
  • Assisting other matters related to labor.