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We are leading law firm in Corporate, Business & Investment industry. With more than 15 years of experience.

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Our outstanding legal services are in Corporate, M&A and Internet and E-commerce law.


We are the best full-service firm based in Vietnam

CBI is a full-service law firm practicing in the areas of Corporate, Business, Merger&Accquisation, Capital Market, Project, Internet and eCommerce law, and dispute resolution and litigation, etc… Our diverse clients include entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies, multi-national corporations and technology start-ups across the Vietnam and around the world engaged in cutting-edge areas of business.

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We provide robust legal protection for our clients. Your rights and interests are our top priority. Rest assured for safeguarding your legal rights.


Lawyers acts as both legal advisors and advocates, guiding individuals and businesses through intricate legal processes.


Your information is held in strict confidence with us.We prioritize safeguarding your sensitive data. Rest assured, your case details remain private

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