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Lawyers acts as both legal advisors and advocates, guiding individuals and businesses through intricate legal processes.


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CBI is a full-service law firm practicing in the areas of Corporate, Business, Merger&Accquisation, Capital Market, Project, Internet and eCommerce law, and dispute resolution and litigation, etc… Our diverse clients include entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies, multi-national corporations and technology start-ups across the Vietnam and around the world engaged in cutting-edge areas of business.


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CBI Law Firm is a dynamic Law Firm and is considered one of the most reputable companies in Vietnam. The strength of CBI is mainly based on the combination of talented and enthusiastic associates with experienced and knowledgeable lawyers. More importantly, in our operations, CBI always concentrates on developing its human resources with internal training and establishes new talented generations of lawyers and associates, creating the difference among other law firms.

With Vietnamese economic growths, the developments and improvements of Vietnamese legal system also shall be noted by domestic and foreign enterprises. In the recent years, the numbers of legal documents (legislations, decrees, circulars, resolutions and official letters) have been issued to adjust in many different areas of social life, especially in the field of business, such as: labor, investment, merger and acquisition, finance and banking, securities, and real estate. Therefore, the demands of updating and understanding new regulations in purpose of minimizing legal risks for domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals are increasing rapidly.

Grasping such demands, the lawyers and associates of CBI incessantly cultivate knowledge and news not only in the field of laws but also in social knowledge, business, among others, and trade to serve our clients with the best quality services.

These elements build CBI’s reputation and CBI is incessantly striving to become one of the leading investment and corporate law company in Vietnam. Currently, CBI is a strategic partner with local and international enterprises in Vietnam during their operations.