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In implementation of M&A transaction, the Investor not only concentrates on the matters of economic and the professibiity of business and investment after Closing M&A Transaction, but also paying highly attention on the investment policies of Vietnam relating to the industry and business line of investment of investor in Vietnam, on legal matters, legal risks and legal status of targeted project/company.

With a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and consultants in the field of M&A, CBI confidently provides customers with the following legal services with the best efficiency according to customers’ wishes. customers when performing M&A, specifically:

  1. Investment Policy and Approach/
  2. Legal due diligence of the targeted project/company
  3. Negotiations and Closing M&A transaction
  4. Securing approval and explanation


1. Investment Policy and Approach

  • Advising on the policies of the Government of Vietnam on corporate mergers and acquisitions with analyses of legal restrictions and practical barriers to foreign investors, especially those relating to securities, telecom, and banking business sectors;
  • Advising on and structuring transactions concerning mergers and acquisitions, with analyses on the probability of obtaining approvals of such transactions from Vietnamese Authorities;
  • Advising on, and arranging appropriate approaches for implementation of transactions concerning mergers and acquisitions. Suggesting creative solutions for problem areas that occur in this area.

2. Legal due diligence of the targeted project/company

  • Advising on all legal aspects related to merger and acquisition transactions, including reviewing and counseling clients on documents used in the transactions, with any necessary legal suggestions and/or alerts;
  • Drafting of documents and representing investors in the completion of procedures for completing merger or acquisition transactions;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for registration of   transactions under the laws of Vietnam.
  • Assisting or representing investors in conducting due diligence on the legal aspects of the company to be merged, or to be acquired under the transactions, including the legal status of its assets, properties and contractual obligations;
  • Providing legal assessments on such company and its assets.

3. Negotiations and Closing M&A transaction

  • Representing investors in negotiations with companies to be merged or acquired concerning the transactions and drafting of all necessary documents to complete the transactions;
  • Reviewing negotiations, advising investors about the negotiations and completing transactional documents based on the results of these negotiations.

4. Securing approval and explanation

  • Representing investors in submitting the application dossier and following up the appraisal and registration process of the transactions with  Vietnamese Authorities;
  • Representing investors in making demonstrations and arrangements of transactions with Vietnamese Authorities in order to secure approvals, registrations, etc.