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    • Lawyer of Ho Chi Minh Bar Association.
    • Master of Laws specializing in Civil Code and Litigation of University of Ho Chi Minh city University of Economics and Law.
    • Bachelor of Laws of Ho Chi Minh city University of Laws.
    • Toeic 500



    • Consulting on general provisions on civil law and civil procedures;
    • Consulting and answering about ownership and other rights to property, participating in the settlement of inheritance disputes, civil contracts when obligations are violated or non-performance, compensation for damage non-contractual harm when life and health are infringed;
    • Consulting, representing to protect customers’ interests and participating in resolving disputes related to intellectual property rights; In the field of economics and commerce (contract disputes, bad debts, breach of contractual obligations, compensation for damage in contracts…); in the field of labor (termination of labor contracts, illegal dismissal discipline, etc.);
    • Consulting the provisions of current law on the basis for determining the common property/separate property of husband and wife during the marriage period; about the property of husband and wife upon divorce; on property division to have a basis for determining debt repayment obligations of husband and wife during the marriage to third parties: individuals lending money, repaying bank loans, repaying debts to other agencies and organizations ( if any);
    • Consulting and settling civil disputes with foreign elements;
    • Advising on procedural processes in criminal cases (Verification/Prosecuting of criminal cases; Investigation of criminal cases; Prosecution of criminal cases; First-instance trial of criminal cases; Appellate trial criminal case);
    • Study the records of investigation conclusions, indictments, and first-instance judgments (if any) to find out conflicts, grounds and evidence in favor of the client. Assist in the collection of documents and evidence to protect the interests of customers;
    • During the stage of prosecution, investigation and prosecution, the lawyer will advise the client on how to report and write a statement about the case in accordance with objective facts so that the investigating police agency can understand the case from there. protect the best interests of customers;
    • Counseling victims to write reports, provide evidence to prove the crime to request the prosecution agency to handle the right person, the right crime and not to miss the crime; provide evidence proving the damage caused by the offense and claim damages.

    Civil negotiation

    • Drafting and settling all issues of civil/commercial contracts;
    • Advising on legal regulations on birth registration, change of name on birth certificate, procedures for death registration (declaring a person dead) …;
    • Advising on the right to redefine parents, ethnicity, gender, nationality…;
    • Advising on the establishment and protection of image rights for each individual and the right to privacy protection;
    • Advising to protect the inviolability of the honor, dignity, reputation and health of all citizens;
    • Advising on the legal provisions on the right to organ donation and the updated legal policies in the civil field;
    • Advising on the provisions of the law on the right to freedom of residence of citizens;
    • Advising on guardianship, guardianship registration, natural guardianship, and appointment guardianship for people who have lost or have limited civil act capacity;
    • Advising on establishing property ownership rights for individuals and organizations;
    • Advising on the establishment and protection of individuals and organizations when participating in civil transactions and civil contracts in accordance with law;
    • Advising and drafting the authorization relationship or authorized representative relationship, as well as the issue of performing work without authorization;
    • Advising on mortgage, mortgage and guarantee activities in accordance with current law;
    • Advising on liability to compensate for damage outside the contract according to regulations;
    • Advising on the establishment of wills, division of inheritance according to wills and division of inheritance according to current civil law;
    • Advising on civil relations involving foreign elements when one of the two parties to the civil relationship is a foreigner (foreign nationality, dual nationality).

    Real Estate

    • Build up strategies, investment plans of projects in accordance with the Board Management’s targets;
    • Seek and evaluate potential projects;
    • Identify and analyse on investment opportunities and risks;
    • Collect and analyse on information about the Ho Chi Minh market and others to be invested by the company;
    • Study, analyse on and examine the feasibility of each invested project;
    • Make presentations on investment projects and their effects;
    • Study, survey and seek partners for cooperating in investments and developments of projects.